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Graffiti Removal

Gorilla Service provides on-demand graffiti removal services in San Diego to
keep your surroundings clean.

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We do it all
Quick and non-toxic Graffiti removal service

Graffiti is not just unsightly it signifies vandalism and disregard for public and private property. Getting rid of any uninvited nastiness around your property or your commercial area is a prime concern.

We guarantee results

Our expert Graffiti removal San Diego service has a proven track record of successful graffiti removals and we shall repeat our success again every time we are called to remove one.

Quick response time

We are always ready, fully equipped and close by to take down any graffiti. Just give us a call and we can get to the site within a few hours.

Staring at an unsightly wall marking across the street and not sure how to deal with it?

Call us today for professional graffiti removal services and enjoy a beautiful and clean space around you.

Some of the common Graffiti removal Methods we use

Pressure washing

We use both cold and hot water for pressure washing the graffiti from most surfaces. Using a 3000 psi pressure-wash at 190-degree temperature & 5 gpm flow is a very effective method. Using the cold water pressure wash, at 1500 – 3000 psi, needs around 20 minutes to completely clean the surface.

Color matching

For the less complicated wall markings, color matching is also an option. Our expert will survey the site and use a matching color to paint over the markings and make it look as good as new.

Chemical scrubbing

Depending on the surface and the graffiti, we can also use certain chemicals like baking soda, oven cleaner, nail polish remover, or thinner to remove the markings. The chemicals are left on the affected area for a few minutes and then manually scrubbed with a stiff-bristle brush.

Paint remover

Sometimes, using a simple paint remover is enough to get the Graffiti removed. Paint removers are also a good product for a variety of graffiti writers like spray paints and a magic marker. The remover works equally well for Graffiti removal from brick wood, brick, stone and metal.

Why Choose Us:

We believe in taking care of business without posing any extra danger to our environment. The products we use, the methods we employ and the techniques we have devised, are all eco-friendly.
Be it a brick wall, a stone pavement, concrete, metal box or any other surface; we have the techniques, the training, the equipment and the expertise to successfully remove the graffiti
We work with extreme caution. Our best practices include taking care that while removing the graffiti, no damage is caused to the surface itself and/or the surrounding areas.
We stick to the chemical and products which are absolutely non-toxic and safe to use in any environment.
One graffiti invites another. To prevent any further graffiti, you can also request an anti-graffiti coating that makes it impossible to write or paint upon.