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Parking Lot Services

With our all-around parking lot services, you can have a clean, sharp and well-maintained
parking lot for your property for a very reasonable price.
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We do it all
Helping you efficiently manage Parking Lots in San Diego

Parking lots are used publicly every single day. And any place with public access is prone to damages, debris and requires regular maintenance.

Our Affordable Parking Lot Service Packages

Gorilla Services is your answer to keeping your parking lot clean and sharp without having to break the bank. Parking lots need maintenance & repairs to prolong the life of the pavement. Getting regular parking lot maintenance will help you preserve your property value and ensure the safety of visitors, customers and residents.

Our parking lot services include:

  • Regular sweeping to remove trash and highlight the areas needing repairs
  • Parking lot striping and repainting to make sure they are visible to the users
  • Asphalt overlay and sealing
  • Parking lot paving and repaving, as and when required

In addition to that, you can request custom services for your parking lot and we can add that to your package.

For details on pricing and packages of our Parking Lot services, please click here.

Parking Lot Sweeping Services:

We offer detailed and thorough parking lot sweeping services as well as commercial sweeping of multiple public access areas across your facility to make it look sharp and give a great impression to visitors. Our sweeping services can be used as internal sweep manually and weekly with a professional sweeper truck. This is a scheduled maintenance service which we take care of on regular basis.

  • Power Sweeping, Vacuuming and Power Vacuuming the space
  • Construction debris Cleaning
  • Manual Broom Sweep
  • Commercial building sweep
  • Retail outlets and their parking space cleaning

Thinking where to find a good parking lot Striping near me? Look no further

Call us today for professional parking lot services and make your parking lot look as good as new.

Commercial Parking Lot Striping Services

Gorilla Services offers expert commercial parking lot striping also sometimes called Parking lot line painting service for the entire San Diego area. Proper striping ensures that the exterior parking areas look sharp and no unwanted liability in incurred, regarding the regulations on public parking spaces.

Being one of the leading Striping companies in San Diego, our experienced team of professionals works swiftly and safely to upgrade curbs, aisle and individual stall painting & striping. We offer:

  • Regular and inspection-based painting and striping of all curbs, ramps, stalls
  • Full compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Stencil
  • Red Curbs with curb painting, scraping & restriping
  • Sand Blasting
  • Painting new Layouts

Parking lot Asphalt maintenance

About 90 percent of the lots in the US are covered with Asphalt. And Asphalt is prone to weather damage over the years making it unsafe and unsightly. 

As a part of our Parking Lot Services, we also take care of this asphalt problem in the following ways.

  • Stripping off the top layer and replacing with new asphalt to prolong the life of pavement
  • Sealing the pavements to prevent water seepage and further damages
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance to highlight any damaged areas