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Pressure Washing Services

Call Gorilla Services to book a power wash and make your house look as good as new
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Add more value to your property with a pressure washing deep-cleanse

A power washer or a pressure washing system makes use of the extremely high pressured stream of severely hot water to scrap off any dirt, grease, or grime from the outdoor surfaces of buildings. The pressure and temperature together make it easier to clean up the walls without any hassle. We employ the right combination of cleaning expertise, professionalism and technologically advanced pressure washing equipment, to deliver reliable and outstanding results for all types of structures and properties.

Residential pressure washing

Gorilla Services provide homeowners with an affordable and high-quality power washing service in San Diego to keep your home looking spotless. This is especially desirable if you are putting your home up for sale. Having a cleaner façade will attract more customers and add more value to your home.

Commercial Power wash

Gorilla Services offers commercial power washing and steam cleaning for all kinds of outdoor surfaces including brick walls, stone walls, masonry, parking lots and sidewalks, which are prone to getting grimy being used every day.

Pollution, dirt, grime, and grease leave their impact with without professional cleaning and maintenance your commercial property can quickly become dull.

Mulling over how to even begin packing?

Call us today for professional packing and moving services, and enjoy a worry-free, clean and easy move.

Why Choose Us:

We use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most effective power washing in San Diego
WE don’t like wasting resources and definitely not the one our planet is in such dire need of. Pressure washing involves high-speed water consumption but we try and reclaim as much of it as we possibly can.
Our professional team keeps your safety as our topmost concern and thus, conducts the whole pressure-washing business with extreme caution and care.
When you call us to book a power wash for your property, you need not wait for days for a response. Our response time is remarkably quick and we like to deliver things at our soonest.
You can also use the pressure wash service to have unwanted markings like graffiti from the exterior walls. Clean the wall-trash and the entire building, in one go.